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First time Commercial Property Investor?
Learn where to find 'set & forget' positively geared commercial properties
Secure Tenants
Find out why secure tenants are so important
Find out where to buy
Earning a bonus $58,000 a year by going on a 7 day commercial real estate hunt
Cheap commercial properties
Where to find a capital city positive cashflow commercial properties for as little as $175,000
Retire with fewer commercial properties
Only 3 commercial properties needed for retirement
Serviceability Issues?
Learn how to solve a common servicabilty issue with a particular type of commercial loan

About Learn Commercial Wealth

Are you interested in investing in Australian commercial property but are unsure where to begin? On we have a bunch of commercial real estate seminars that are a great way to get an introduction to the commercial real estate market. There are also courses that are aimed towards the more seasoned commercial property investors.

Why attend a Commercial Property Investment Seminar?

A good Commercial property seminar can be a life changing experience and can vastly improve the way you grow your property portfolio. This is done by:

  • - Providing easy-to-follow advice.
  • - Explain to you how diversity in property will.
  • - Presents new property markets for you to explore.
  • - Showing you ways to increase future wealth through property.
  • - Introducing you to property experts who share their wisdom with you.
  • - Helping you understand what the latest market updates, current rental returns and occupancy rates are.

The Skills you'll learn at a Commercial Property Investment Seminar?

If you’re considering investing in commercial property, this is where you’ll learn:

  • Current commercial property hotspots around Australia.
  • Creating wealth from commercial property investment.
  • Expert hints and tips.

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